August 24

The Hard Cost of Changing Your Car

Car Costs


We often have clients who become disenchanted with their cars, especially when faced with some expensive service.

We recently serviced a 1997 BMW 528i last week that needed a maintenance service, oil change and 4 wheel brakes. Cost with taxes: 1300 dollars. A fair amount of money for sure, but consider that the brakes will be good for at least 2 to 3 years, the oil service is synthetic and won¹t be required again for 9 to 12 months.
'97 BMW 528i
This car has 140,000 kilometers, is in beautiful condition and has been meticulously maintained. It looks and runs like a new car and being a very reliable 6 cylinder engined vehicle will run for years with minimal cost. After talking with our client about long terms plans with the car I found out that she is planning on keeping it: a conclusion that she came to after researching new cars and pricing.

What’s the cost to replace this car?

A 2008 BMW 3 series turns out to come with a cost of $15,000 down and monthly payments of $1000.00.

That’s $12,000 dollars a year!

In my experience there is never a year that someone will pay $12,000 to maintain and repair his or her car; not even close.

Even a recent used model still has a very high price. So the conclusion: it is most often financially better to maintain your car, usually by a huge margin.

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