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The Value Of An Auto Repair

Auto Repair


“My car runs great”
“It’s got more power”
“My gas mileage has improved!”

These are some of the comments that I receive on a regular basis while following up with our clients to see how their car has been working after we serviced it.

These positive comments remind me of how valuable our service is to you. The value of a service is obvious if your vehicle was running poorly and then left the shop purring like a kitten. Sometimes however, the need for service is not so obvious and the value is only revealed after you drive the car.

Here’s a tale of two Hondas: we serviced a Honda Civic that had failed AirCare with some horrifically high readings. One look at the report told me this vehicle was using excessive fuel and running too rich. However it ran reasonably well and without the “nudging” of the AirCare failure the owner would likely have not fixed the car.

Upon my follow up call the owner was most pleased to report a 30% increase in gas mileage. That is a huge savings in fuel and money in his pocket. The engine also ran much better and the added, unseen benefit of the repair was that his engine will last longer! An engine that runs too rich will live a short life. Our air is also cleaner thanks to the repair.

Our second Honda Civic was a low mileage car that we’ve serviced for years. It had developed an oil leak and while inspecting we noted that it was overdue for a number of major maintenance services. We also found the front struts were leaking and control arm bushings were worn. The owner requested that all the work be done. The final bill was quite substantial and it returned the car to flawless mechanical condition. Upon following up she commented on how good the car felt to drive: more powerful, with much better handling.“I guess it needed to be done because I hadn’t noticed how it had deteriorated.”

Many people feel that spending money on car service is a negative purchase, however it rarely is.

A well serviced car lasts longer, drives better and uses less fuel. This saves you a lot of money over buying a new car which is a very expensive purchase.

The highly reliable 1.7 liter Honda engine
The highly reliable 1.7 liter Honda engine

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