March 21

Using Sealants

Car Maintenance


Sealants are available as a quick fix for just about any vehicle leak from your air conditioning to your engine oil.

Using Sealants
The question is, should you use them? The answer is, sometimes… with great caution.

We rarely use sealants; but under the right conditions they can do a good job and save you money.

Using the right product is essential. A bad sealant can cause more damage and that will cost you more money in the long run. Doing a diagnosis of the leak is essential to see if a sealant will help. For example, a coolant leak can be caused by many things: a blown hose, a water pump seal or badly deteriorated gasket. These will not be helped by radiator sealant. Whereas a pin hole in a radiator core or a very slight gasket seep can be sealed.

When repairing leaks in other vehicle systems diagnosis again is key. Knowing where the leak is coming from enables the technician to prescribe the proper repair.

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