April 6

Where Do Your Best Tires Belong?

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Controversy is brewing in the auto service world about the correct placement of your vehicle’s best tires: some say that they belong on the rear axle while others state the front is best.

Where do your best tires go?

This issue usually comes to light when purchasing tires for only one axle on the vehicle.

Most cars on the road are front wheel drive and with this system the front tires are very heavily worked. Most vehicle weight is over the front axle, the front tires steer the car, provide traction on acceleration and must grip hard during braking. Because of these numerous functions, it makes logical sense that your best tires are on the front.

On a rear wheel drive car, the best should also be on the front as they control the vehicle’s steering and most of the braking is done with the front wheels.

There is an argument however that the best tires should be on the rear, because if the rear tires lose contact with the road your car will more easily lose control and spin out.

While in some cases this could be true for the most part the front tires play a far more critical role in vehicle safety. Ideally all of your tires should have approximately the same tread depth and be replaced when the lowest tread is 3mm deep.

Regular service, which includes tire rotation, will prevent you from ever facing the dilemma of where to put your best tires as they will be worn equally and provide the best degree of safety.

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