August 20

Who’s Working on Your Car?

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Do you know the quality of the work that is being done on your vehicle?

Who's Working on Your Car?
We had a client today with a Toyota Camry who had chosen to go to another shop to get some brake work done because our quote seemed too high.

After the work was done she had numerous vibration problems which started right after their work. She returned 3 times but they could not rectify her concern.

While looking at the vehicle I noted that the wheels had been bolted on too tight, so tight in fact that metal fillings were flying out as I removed the wheel nuts. We always use Accutorque sockets when tightening wheels. These sockets are specific to certain makes of vehicles and prevent wheel bolts from being overtorqued.

accutorque sockets
Colour coded accutorque sockets, designed to precisely torque down your wheel nuts

When wheel bolts are over-torqued it causes many problems: warped brake rotors, and damaged wheels, wheel studs and nuts. It can also cause the inconvenience of a wheel that is impossible to remove by the side of the road.
ruined wheel nuts
Ruined wheel nuts from over-torque

The lesson here: be sure that the shop that is servicing your vehicle is doing a good quality job because often, you get what you pay for.

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