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Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local, we’re here with Bernie Pawlik, Pawlik Automotive in Vancouver, Vancouver’s best auto service experience. Eighteen time winners of Best Auto Repair in Vancouver as voted by their customers and fixing and repairing, maintaining cars in Vancouver for 38 years. How’re you doing Bernie?

Bernie: Doing very well.

Mark: So I guess we want to address why are we doing a podcast?

Bernie: Why are we doing a podcast? Well, we have been doing videos, as many of you have seen, we’ve been doing videos for several years now, it’s been great for our business because it’s brought a lot of customers through our door. But there’s also a lot of people around the world who watch these videos and so I realize there’s a value that people are getting out of our education that we’re providing, so that’s why we’re going to use podcasts. So you can get more hopefully useful information. 

Mark: And what kind of viewpoint are we coming from?

Bernie: We’re coming from the viewpoint, I mean as a person, as a shop owner, I really believe in maintenance. Maintaining your car’s really important to make sure that it’s reliable. So it’ll start, and when you want to hit the brakes, your brakes work, so we avoid, we try to take the surprises out of your car life at our shop.

So the viewpoint we’re coming from is first of all maintenance, but we’re also showing repairs that are interesting, things that are going wrong with cars. Just a wide variety of issues, different brands, whatever I think is interesting to people. Common problems, things we’ve helped people out where we may have saved a lot of money on certain repairs for people. 

Mark: And so, we’ve talked about many different vehicles, brands, models, different ranges of years and some of them have some pretty significant reliability issues. We’ve gotten some pretty hot comments on our videos over the years. What’s you response to that?

Bernie: Well, I know there’s some people that just defend their brand name and they think we’re saying bad things about it. I'm not here to defend any particular brand of car, actually I like them all. I mean, I find working on cars fascinating. One thing I didn’t mention, I think you know, even growing up I found automobiles and trucks are just fascinating, the way they work, they just keep getting more and more interesting.

I find all makes and models are good but we’re just calling out what we see. You know if there’s a certain vehicle where spark plugs keep blowing out of the engine, you’ll know who I’m talking about, we’re going to talk about that. And if you’re going to buy a vehicle like this, or if you own it, nothing wrong, it’s just what and how it was engineered and built and it’s just something that needs to be fixed. So that’s the perspective we come from.

We have no brand preference. I mean I own a wide variety of vehicles, some I’d recommend others to buy, some I wouldn’t. Do I make the right choices? I don’t know, I just buy them because I like them. Everyone has their own reasons. It’s kind of like a car can often be like a fashion statement for some people, other people as long as they get from A to B in what’s reliable that’s all that counts. So yeah, we’re just here to call it like we see it. 

Mark: So there you go. If you’re looking for service for your vehicle in Vancouver or want to ask questions, you can contact us at You can check out our Podcast on iTunes or our videos on Youtube. Thanks Bernie!

Bernie: Thanks Mark

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