February 21

1998 Toyota Avalon – Rear Strut and Strut Mount Replacement

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Thursday’s featured repair is Rear Strut and Strut Mount Replacement on a 1998 Toyota Avalon, brought to us by a client from Yaletown, Vancouver.

Toyota Avalon
1998 Toyota Avalon

This Toyota Avalon came to our shop for an AirCare test failure and none functioning windshield wipers. In the process of road testing the car we noted a distinct clunk from the right rear of the vehicle. The further we drove the car the louder the clunk became until it was almost unbearable and warranted immediate repairs.

Investigating the cause of the concern we found that the top of the strut had broken out of the strut plate. Occasionally a strut plate will break apart but this was unusual in that the top of the strut had worn a hole into the mounting hole in the strut plate.

At some time in the past the rear struts had been replaced and what had likely happened was that this strut was not properly bolted to the mounting plate. Over the years the excessive play between the strut plate and strut eventually wore both parts out. This clunk noise had probably been occurring for several years. Had it been attended to when first noted none of these parts would have worn out and a few hundred dollars would have been saved.

The Toyota Avalon is the top of Toyota’s sedan line up: very similar to the Camry but slightly larger and in some cases more luxuriously appointed.

For more on the Toyota Avalon click here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Avalon

Here’s an interesting article about McPherson Strut suspensions http://www.timescolonist.com/bill-vance-the-birth-of-the-macpherson-strut-1.587986

Toyota Avalon
New & old struts from Toyota Avalon. Note the top of new strut and the nut (yellow Arrow). Note the severe wear to the same area on the old strut and nut (red arrow)


Toyota Avalon
Top view of the new & old strut mounting plates. Note the small opening in the new plate (yellow arrow) vs the huge hole worn in old plate (red arrow)


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