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Car Repair Video Podcasts 2020


If your car is in need of servicing during this difficult time, we are taking extra precautions to keep our staff and clients safe. We are offering ways of dropping your car off easily and for making payment. Contact us for more information.

March 27, 2020

So we had a new client come to our shop with this 2012 Range Rover Evoque. It was due for maintenance. He had a couple of concerns with the check engine light would come on occasionally, but other than that, just a basic maintenance service.

March 24, 2020

This vehicle was in for its first maintenance service. And I know you know a lot about this. So full disclosure everyone, this is your car Mark. We are featuring it and I know you know that, but it's awesome too, you know, thank you for the opportunity to do the first maintenance service on this vehicle.

March 20, 2020

The owner of the vehicle had mentioned he'd put his left rear window down, it made a horrible clunking sound. There was something that wasn't working quite right with the window. Also it was due for service, a maintenance service and the ABS brake warning light was on as well.

March 17, 2020

This vehicle had battery issues plus a few other things. The customer came to us, first of all, the battery required boosting every time. It wouldn't start. And also there's some transmission shifting problems and a couple of other things. But those were the two main concerns. And of course, with the transmission shifting, you know, the owner was thinking, well, is it worth doing anything with this car or is it time to say goodbye?

March 13, 2020

So this vehicle came to us, the owner also as an older Jaguar than this we do service on and he brought this one to us to do a maintenance service, full inspection. And we found that the left lower ball joint was severely loose.

March 8, 2020

There's a lot in the news about catalytic converter theft these days, it seems to be on the rise. And it's been going on for a long, long time. And catalytic converters have always had some value as scrap metal. They're filled with precious metals making them worth a lot more money these days.

Feb 24, 2020

So today we're talking about a 2012 Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid vehicle and came in for maintenance service. What was going on with this Prius C?

Feb 21, 2020

So this vehicle came to our shop with some noises coming from the front of the engine. We did a diagnostic on it, found two issues. These are the two common issues. You can see it in our other podcasts and videos that the timing chain was rattling. And the supercharger nose cone was also making a lot of noise.

Feb 19, 2020

So removing diesel emission equipment. I see actually quite a few diesel vehicles in my area that are blowing excessive smoke. Is this just a malfunction or is someone removed the emission equipment?

Feb 13, 2020

2012 Range Rover Sport Coolant Leak Repair2012 Range Rover Sport Coolant Leak Repair

Today we're revisiting an old tried and true topic, a Range Rover Sport coolant leak repair. What was going on with this Range Rover? What we found was a coolant leak coming from the engine. There's a plastic coolant pipe that from the upper radiator hose thermostat area that goes down under the intake manifold in that pipe, plastic pipe had cracked.

Feb 10, 2020

A 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid you were doing some service work on this vehicle. What was going on with this Toyota?  The vehicle was brought in as a new customer, brought in for a maintenance service and due for a B service, which is, we often say a B services in oil and filter change along with a full vehicle inspection.

Feb 4, 2020

So a relatively new owner to this vehicle, and one of his complaints was that there was a smell of something burning when he'd get out of the vehicle, shut the engine off, get out of the vehicle, you could smell something burning. So we did a comprehensive inspection and a maintenance service. We noticed was a fluid leak coming from the right transfer case seal directly onto the exhaust pipe which sits right underneath where the axle seal is located.

Jan 30, 2020

So this vehicle came to our shop. It had some fuel leak issues. The first thing we noted coming out from under the hood was some pretty bad fuel injector leaks. They're also leaking combustion gas out of the engine. So it was our first repair. And that's a pretty major repair on one of these vehicles. So we replaced all the fuel injectors, cleaned off the engine, cleaned underneath the vehicle, road, tested it, and then we've also found that the gas tank was leaking, which was a bit of a surprise, first time we'd seen something like that on one of these vehicles.

Jan 27, 2020

So this vehicle came in for a regular maintenance service and battery. The battery was tested during the service and found that it was weak and needed to be replaced.

January 13, 2020

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